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I wish to report that my clients and I had a very successful Polar Bear season, with 6 out of 7 clients taking nice trophies. The one client that was unsuccessful saw quite a few bears but never the big boar that he was looking for. He reports having a very nice trip, wonderful treatment, and will return for another go soon.

For those interested, I have posted a story and some Photo Highlights from the season.

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Join us
on the adventure of a lifetime and thrill to the chase of the Arctic's greatest trophy animal, the Polar Bear! You can be among the few who have braved Canada's Northwest Territories in quest of the North's most spectacular bear.

Of the world’s carnivores, Polar Bear are the largest and most fearless of the great bears. They inhabit the harshest and most inhospitable terrain on earth, circumnavigating the northern Polar Region.

This is, by far, the toughest hunt on earth and not for the weak at heart! Hunting the arctic ice pack by dog team and sled you can experience temperatures to –40F with nothing between you and the elements but a canvas tent and the clothes on your back.

But if you are a dedicated hunter, willing to endure the physical and mental challenges required, the reward can be the most prestigious of all trophies.

Musk ox, remnants of the Ice Age also inhabit only the Polar Regions of the far north. They can be taken individually or in combination with Polar Bear.

When, Where, and How to Get There

Click map for detail of Hunt Area

Polar Bear hunting is generally done in very late winter or early spring, February 15th through April 30th, when the arctic days lengthen.

We are agents for two native village hunting corporations, Tuktoyaktuk, NWT and Sachs Harbour, on Banks Island, NWT (See map).

In both cases hunters must fly to Inuvik, NWT via Edmonton, Alberta. Major travel agents are Canadian North or First Air. These services are available online or through your travel agent.

From Inuvik, there are two scheduled flights per week to Sachs Harbour, (Monday and Thursday via Aklak Air Ltd.)

For clients hunting Tuktoyaktuk, clients must charter a bush flight from Inuvik. In some cases the guides will transport the clients from Invuvil to Tuktoyaktuk by snowmobile.

From the hunt area clients are transported to the actual hunting site by snowmobile, however the actual hunt must be done in the traditional manner with an Inuvialuit Native guide and dog team.

Please contact Rick for current prices and availabilities on all hunts

Camps and Hunting

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Camps are tents with stoves. Polar Bear camps are located on the sea ice and can be located one or two days out by snowmobile. Musk Ox camps are located on the mainland and are considerably more comfortable.

Polar Bear hunting is very rigorous. Only dedicated hunters in excellent physical condition should undertake this hunt. Hunters and guides camp on the ice pack and cover miles every day via dog sled. Hunters will ride, glass, and spend up to 12 hours a day searching for bears. Weather conditions are unpredictable and often severe.

Musk Ox hunting is quite a bit easier. Although the conditions can also be severe, the actual hunting can be completed in two to five days. Additionally, Musk Ox can be hunted with use of either snowmobile or dog sled.

Recommended Equipment, Clothing, Gear

Your clothing and gear are extremely important on this hunt, more so than any other expedition. Your equipment will “make or break” this trip. The wrong clothing can jeopardize both your trip and your life!

Northern Outfitters (1-800-944-9276, northern@inconnect.com) is highly experienced in outfitting Arctic hunters with proper clothing and gear.

The following list is recommended and mandatory:

  • Down parka with fur trimmed hood and down wind pants
  • Warm mittens, large enough for inner gloves, heavy woolen shooting gloves
  • Face mask and tinted snowmobile goggles (to avoid frostbite and snow blindness)
  • Fur hat with flaps that tie down around ears and back of neck. I use mine for sleeping also
  • The warmest boots made by Cabellas, Timberline or Northern Outfitters. Boots designed for extreme cold with insulated liners. EXTRA LINERS!
  • Heavy sweater or ski-jacket for around camp
  • Camp boots, easy to put on and pull off, for around camp
  • Pure wool or wool/polypropylene long-handle underwear
  • 4 or 5 pairs heavy wool socks, 4-5 pairs thinner wool socks
  • Pair heavy wool pants and 2 heavy wool shirts
  • A down-filled sleeping bag rated for –40F and set of wool, long underwear for sleeping
  • Sharp knife and sharpening steel
  • High-quality binoculars
  • Soft-padded gun case for the sled
  • High-powered rifle with 30-40 rounds. (300 magnum with 220 grain bullets recommended)

Fees and Deposits

We represent two native corporations in NWT, each village prices their hunts a bit differently. Each village is issued a limited number of permits for Polar Bear & Musk Ox. We will book our clients according to the openings and permits that are available.

Please contact Rick for current prices and availabilities on all hunts

Government Fees


There is also a 7% Goods and Services Tax due on each license and fee.

Upon arrival in Inuvik, before leaving for the hunt, hunters must report in to the government Renewable Wildlife Economic Development Office (RWED). Upon a successful hunt clients return to this office and pay the Renewable Resource officer the license, trophy fees and 7% GST. At this time an export permit will be issued.

Email: jwelsch6@yahoo.com Phone: 907 521-5890


Rick Herscher
Polar Bear Hunting

Polar Bear Hunting

Phone: 907 521-5890

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